Representatives of different European countries were present in Budapest coming from different cities. Recognising this fact as an advantage, youth workers who took part in designing inclusion tools in Budapest regarded it important to also spread the outcomes of the projects among their local communities in meetings, workshops and seminars.

The project partners were committed to share the tools and games developed during the seminar by organising local events in their respective countries. The “Can I come in” project impacts significantly on the local level. The tools shared and developed during the seminar will be important to work at the local level in each of the partners’ community for a sustainable inclusion of migrants together with the local youth. The idea behind the local events comes from the belief that the project, through sharing of tools and ideas, can lead to the creation of new local actions within the migration context. The primary target of the local actions are youngsters, young migrants, youth workers, youth policy makers and the local community in general.

Meeting of youth workers in Sofia | 6 January 2018

Meeting of NGO representatives in Budapest | 16 February 2018