Horizont e.V.

  • founded in 1991/1992 in the district of Nordhausen, Germany
  • non-profit, recognized carrier of the free youth welfare and member of the Joint Welfare Association
  • Helping the young people in different fields is one of our priority tasks
  • Multigenerational and intercultural work
  • Integration projects for migrants are one of our challenging tasks.

What are HORIZONT and LIFT doing?

We offer children, adolescents and young adults the right help and a high quality of support:

  • In our school camps children are close to nature and well introduced to their environment
  • Children are given different offers of activities in free time
  • We help the young people in difficult situations by specific socio-pedagogical offers to change their lives positively.
  • We also offer some training projects with socio-educational support as professional integration.
  • Our health projects contribute in giving the clients a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise programs.

Region and facts

  • 355 inhabitants in the region
  • 217 in the city
  • 881 foreigners (3,4%) – (31.12.15)
  • unemployment rate 7,6% (16.10.17)
  • 2151 person get money from JC
  • 830 refugees (30.04.17)
  • Countryside (less infrastructure, over aging, urbanization, stagnant economy…)

Refugees situation in Nordhausen

  • 850 people are waiting the answer for their asylum applications
  • live in camps or private accommodation
  • always belong to the social office
  • Mostly coming from: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Eritrea, Somalia, Balkan states (little chance to stay)
  • main problems: language, worries about family, less money, health, social integration
  • after getting residency – more chances to decide for their own
  • BUT: State rules are strict and often slow down the integration (here starts our job)

What we do…   

  • Nabil / Sebastian:
    • Social integration for refugees in special projects
    • Vocational integration for refugees
    • Support with formal applications and appointments in the government offices
    • Social and vocational Counselling
  • Maik:
    • Social and vocational training and integration
    • Counselling and coaching for the clients
    • Administration of appropriations
    • Administration for technical issues

Social and vocational integration for refugees

  • social integration
    • counselling and explaining (especially about offices bureaucracy)
    • support in family issues
    • guiding and support with issues and appointments in the government offices
    • Free time activities (sports, gardening, migrant’s organization, theatre, cultural celebrations…)
    • groupwork for men and women
    • integration in multigenerational work
    • case-management
  • vocational integration
    • counselling and explaining about vocational issues
    • support/ teaching for vita
    • contacting the companies
    • Financial support for: driving license, forklift license, health pass etc.
    • support in recognition of degrees
    • case-management



Address: Freiherr-vom-Stein-Str. 60, 99734 Nordhausen

Phone: 03631 694411

Fax: 03631 694444