Youth Horizons

‘Youth Horizons’ is a non-governmental /non-profit organization in Megara, Greece. Megara is a seaside, historical and agricultural town of 35,000 inhabitants, half an hour away from the centre of Athens. ‘Youth Horizons’ was founded in 2014 in order to support and materialize the ideas and initiatives of youth community. Main intention is to provide a wide spectrum of activities cultural, social, environmental, athletic & to encourage the active participation of youth in them.

We are working actively in local level at the fields of civilization, education, volunteering, entrepreneurship, sports etc. Also, by having as our benchmark the understanding of the European diversity, the promotion of European mobility and strengthening of participation of youth in European social and cultural entity, we take part in European programmes (youth exchange, training course etc). It would be our pleasure to share with you activities and experience that would be useful for you and your organization (interactive workshops, educational games). Furthermore, through this participation in abroad activities, ‘Youth Horizons’ enables young people to develop their way of thinking and share ideas, goals, knowledge, concerns, customs and traditions, culinary delights and experiences with young people from different cultures. In other words, through this co-existence with the European and International ‘being’ young people have the opportunity to expand their spiritual and experiential horizons! Our motivation to listen to the needs of young people and create youth policies, reflects in the use of the key-word ‘Horizon’ in our organization’s name!

Regarding to our target-groups, we pursue our collaboration with:
– Youth organizations/associations
– Local groups and movements
– Organizations who are engaged actively in the field of youth working
– Organizations dealing with in education, training, employment and sport
– Young people willing to contribute to various initiatives in the local community
– Young people willing to participate in abroad activities (Erasmus+ programs)
– People active and extrovert with passion for learning, development and experiences

The gained experience through our daily contact with local people and their concerns, has operated beneficially to our understanding and mobilization for the acceptance of every human being and its specificities. Furthermore, the geographical location of Greece (links Europe-Africa-Middle East) composes an intercultural carpet with main point the respect to human rights and the social inclusion. We, strongly believe that -as young open-minded people- we have to realize firstly thoroughly the human rights and then be willing and active to make the change in the crucial issues like social inclusion and social equality.


Address: Kosti Palama 9, Megara 19100, Attica, Greece


Phone: +30 694 619 9693