Guess who?

THE AIM of this game is to get to know each other’s and confront our stereotypes. We all have an opinion about others, maybe based on their looks or other factors. The game is meant to be positive tool in connecting with new people and discovering if we have something in common. The purpose of the questions is to open topics for discussions in a positive manner and create connections that you did not expect.
The game can be personalised according to the group and these instructions can be used as a base.

How to play

This game can be played using the four pre-made set of questions below (page 3) or you can decide the questions according to the group that you are playing with. The game can be played with many people (even 10+) or in smaller groups. Suggested group size 4 or more.

The game can be played with pen and paper (make sure everyone has the same colour pen and similar paper, to keep the answers hidden).

Each player will try to connect the answers to the right person. The player with most correct answers will get a chance to ask more information about the topic to gain more information about others, to help matching the correct answers in next rounds. The player with least correct answers will have to explain why they matched the answer the way they did (what were the stereotypes or factors influencing that decision).

This game can be played in as many rounds as needed. You can decide to play only with general questions, to get acquainted with each other or mix with more in-depth questions with as many rounds as wanted.


  1. Players will decide the set of questions which will be answered. You can choose to answer all questions in one category or each player can pick a question, which they would like to play. Selected questions should be approved by each player to avoid conflict. (All players will say their name, if the name is not one of the selected questions)
  2. When you have selected the questions, each person will get a card/piece of paper to write their own answer and another paper to write their matches. All answers will the mixed in a box/bowl or on the table and then placed for others to see.
  3. Each player will now try to match all answers with the right person. Each player will write their answers on paper.
  4. After everyone is finished, each player will tell their own answer, so the right matches can be made.
  5. The player with the most correct matches can ask one question from another player about the topic. The player with the least correct answers will reveal his/her reasons for matching.
  6. After round one, players will write their answer to the second question and the matching will start again.


5 players. Round one is: Favourite sport? The answers were laid in the table.

Player 1’s favourite sport is power lifting. She matched other answers like this:

player 2: extreme sports
player 3: ice skating
player 4: football
player 5: water polo

After matching, player 1 got one correct match. She had least correct matches, so she will tell others how she came to these conclusions.

player 2: extreme sports, wrong
player 3: ice skating, wrong
player 4: football, correct
player 5: water polo, wrong