The project involves ten partner organisations from Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Romania, Spain and Turkey. Besides the partner seven further stakeholders from Germany, Hungary and Turkey are represented.

The partners share the goals of the project and were committed to take part in the seminar to share their points of views and actions developed in the field, to get to know more about the current situation in the rest of EU, and to obtain new tools to improve their actions in the field. We developed our idea of this project together following the suggestions of all the partners involved. The success of the project lied in the cooperation of organisations having experience and involvement in the field of migration and youth as well as the fact that all partners have possibility to share tools and best practices on these matters. The partnership was therefore composed by
– organisations active in the field of social inclusion (Italy, Germany, Spain, Greece);
– organisations working directly with young migrants (Turkey, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania);
– organisations active in the field of youth mobility and interculturalism (Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, Romania);
– organisations active in the field of youth participation (Italy, Malta, Spain, Greece, Romania) and
– organisations active in discussion of European matters and policies and the future of the Union (Hungary, Greece, Finland, Turkey).