Association Dare to take your chance

Dare to take your chance” is a Non-profit Organization (NGO) from Romania, with activity on local, national & European Activity Level, interested in Arts, Environment, Democracy, Unemployment, Sustainability, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, Volunteering, European and Balkan culture as well as urban and regional activities. DTC promotes friendship, peace, respect towards human rights, anti-racism. Voluntary mutual help regarding the above written matters is the subject of our meetings and, therefore, activities.

DTC wants to encourage young people to participate in European/ International trainings/ exchanges/ EVS programs, in order to build a stronger future for our country andget acquainted the colorful world we are living in, free of xenophobic attitudes, marking the beginning of friendships that will last for a lifetime.

The aim of our NGO is to introduce the Romanian Youth to the European Community, offer them a chance to discourse with young people from other countries and mobilize and stimulate them via the topics of Erasmus Plus projects. Moreover, we promote the idea of management and realization, as well as using our goodwill to enhance our everyday life. Our organization is involved with short & long term programs.Environment, urban or natural, xenophobia and thus, the rise of racism and poverty, socialization, respect towards human rights, public participation on local and European level, promoting the idea of the European citizen, unemployment, creativity and entrepreneurship are only a few of the issues that young people deal with every time they decide to participate in our organizations’ outdoor activities / workshops that we often provide within the European & International youth programs or in local cultural events and facilities. Also, we finished to develop the project “Citizens Are Speaking”, the objective of this project being to engage European Union (EU) citizens on the currently highly debatable issue of immigration, with a view to encouraging civic participation of citizens at Union level. The issue of immigration gained prominence as a result of the instability in the European neighbourhood area. This project will address the gap in the EU’s integration policy, including the rise in xenophobia that has increased during these last years, and the promotion of opportunities for inter-cultural engagement and volunteering at Union level.


Address: Str. Principala, nr. 477, Lazaresti 117653, Arges, Romania

Phone: +40747401493