The silent actor

The main objective of the game is to help people from different cultural background to come together, introduce their culture, understand each other to be able to live together and prevent any cultural complications.

It was created first in the term of integration, to help both the host country citizen and the migrants to come together and know about each other’s culture during a game that mix the knowledge with fun.


can be played at home, a club, Cafeteria and any other places that suit to bring people together for a communicative game.

Players’ age

The game can be played by Adults, teenagers and children over 12 years

Description and Rules

Silent actor is a game that mix knowledge with fun through silent acting.

The people from the host country and the migrants come together in a public place like a cafeteria.

There must be an instructor who prepare the key word that would be written on small cards like names, ideas or habits.

The keyword can be the name of a famous characters or things in both cultures:

Ex: Actors, writers, Habits, books, movies, plays, celebrities… any name or thing that considered part of the culture.

The instructor put the cards in a box and write the name of the people who like to participate in the game in a list then dived them to two mixed teams. (Team “A” and Team “B”)

Each team chose their players who will act, two or three depend how big each team is.

For example if Team A starts, they chose a player who stands in front of his team.

The Instructor gives him the card box to pick up one.

The player read the name on the card and give back the card to the instructor.

Now he has to play the character that is written on the card for his team without speaking, only body language is allowed.

 He has only two minutes so if he is good in acting to explain the word by movements and signs and his team is good and fast at finding who he is imitating they win and get a point.

 If the two minutes passed and his team did not find out the key name then they lose and so on with the B team.

After the player finish his acting, the instructor read a little text about the keyword or the character that was the actor describing to give the people who doesn’t know about him/her an idea so the people get to know about the other cultures.

When a player from team “A” finish then the player from the team B play for his team.

The instructor will be writing down the points. The game can be played for five times for each team or as per the actors. (Time is flexible)


It is recommended to use famous characters, books, movies… That most people know about them to be easier to figure out.

As a challenging idea the two teams can agree that the losing team will give free drinks for the winner.

 Wish you enjoy the game!