European Union Politics Society

European Union Politics Society is a group of young people, includes members working actively in different student unions and non-profit organizations for topics related to human rights, which are actually inherent to all human beings. Our goal is to promote human rights, raise tolerance toward differences in our society and improve intercultural knowledge and skills among youth. We want to develop intercultural understanding between young people from different countries by creating appropriate intercultural atmosphere. We are looking for new experiences and opportunities to broaden our minds and get some knowledge about European Union, European Integration Process, active citizenship, volunteerism, international relations. European Union Politics Society aims to contribute to tolerance and intercultural dialogue by representing Turkey abroad and organizing international projects and training courses in Turkey.

The main goal of our society is to raise awareness of human rights in Turkey. This idea is implemented through:

  • Support of local society,
  • Promotion of voluntary service,
  • Promotion of culture and tolerance,
  • Educational activities about human rights,
  • Development of social and cultural awareness,

European Union Politics Society mainly organize seminars and conferences about human rights in university campuses. Besides, we support active citizenship of people from our area through different events such as workshops, local events, and activities within European Projects.


Phone: +90 531 268 4679

E-mail: aslihanzcn@gmail.com